Steven Heuer has been a professional Cinematographer for over 20 years. With experience in reality television, commercials, music videos, network promos, feature projects and now Virtual Reality, he can work with large crews or do it all on his own.With his superb awareness of the set, he is an asset on any shoot.From shooting commercials featuring Ray Charles or Michael Jordan to promotions for ABC’s The Bachelor, he possesses a keen eye for framing, has a passion for lighting, and anticipates what will happen next— so he’s always ready for the unexpected.

Steven’s still photography has been commissioned by the AB InBev Corporation for the Bud Light brand, Hospitality Marketing Associates, Columbia College – Hollywood, and Mirror Digital, Inc. among others. His work has appeared in USA Today, the Press Telegram and the Argonaut newspapers and has included a cover shot for Volleyball World Magazine.

His professional still photography career began by covering the US National Ski Championships in 1988 – a key shot was featured in Ski Magazine. His primary still camera is a Nikon D3, but he’s versatile – during a travel shoot through Vietnam, he used six different cameras, including a vintage Stereo Realist 3D camera from the 1950’s. For Steven, photography has illuminated his passion for seeing the world through a different lens and exploring other cultures.

Steven is a graduate of Columbia College-Hollywood film school and is based in sunny Southern California. He is an avid car and motorcycle racer and skim boarder when not behind a camera.

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