I.A.T.S.E. Local 600

Film/video cameras

DJI Phantom 3, 4K, drone.
GoPro Hero 4 Silver.
Kodak K-100 16mm camera with 25mm & 10mm lenses. Takes 100ft. loads.
Panasonic DVX-100A 24p Standard Definition MiniDV camera w/on camera light.
VIO Sport VIO.1 720×480 Standard Definition POV camera system. 2 focal length lenses. Assorted POV mounts.


Bogen standard 2 rise 525MVB sticks & Bogen 503 head.
DVTEC DvMultiRig handheld rig.
Cowboy Studio handheld shoulder mount.
Stable Glide (Pogo-cam type stabilization rig).
Zoe zoom control.
Sony 8045Q high resolution 450 line SD 8” field monitor with Anton Bauer battery adapter.
Panasonic/Nebtek 7” LCD on-board monitor. (Standard Def, 4:3, 16:9, NTSC/PAL compatible).


Sennheiser ME66/K6 shotgun microphone w/Fishpole & Rycote Softie.
Sennheiser EW112-p G3 series wireless omni directional lavaliere microphone.
Sennheiser e100 series wireless omni directional lavaliere microphone.
Sennheiser e100 series butt plug to make a hand held mic wireless.
TRAM lavaliere mic for Sennheiser e100/G3 series wireless.
2 – Shure SM58 hand held microphones.
Sennheiser head phones.
XLR cables.

Arri 1k open face light.
2 – Arri 650 watt Fresnel lights.
Arri 300 watt Fresnel light.
LTM 300 watt Fresnel light.
2 – Arri 150 watt Fresnel lights.
Kino Flo Diva Light 400 (daylight & tungsten globes).
Kino Flo Diva Light 200 (daylight & tungsten globes).
Chimera light box, Small Video Pro Plus 1 w/speed ring, 24”x 32”, w/40 degree egg crate (for 1k open face).
Photoflex Sliverdome NXT 24”x 32” soft box w/egg crate.
Photoflex Halfdome 9”x 35” soft box w/egg crate.
Photoflex adjustable soft box ring (fits all my lights).
1K dimmer.
8 – Light stands (all 2 rise except one 3 rise).
2 – Mini Baby light stands.
1 – Rocky Mtn. 2-rise steel combo stand.
7 – C-stands plus two extra arms and one head.
Manfrotto mini-boom w/counter weights.
5 – Sand bags.
4 – Shot bags.
2 – Ceiling scissor clips.
1 – Cardellini clamp.
1 – Bead board holder.
Assorted grip clips.
1 – Single suction cup DV size camera car mount.
Matthews Road Rags II, portable 2’x3’ flag set.
2 – 18×24 solid flags.
10’x24’ Duvateen backdrop, 10’x24’ Chroma Green seamless muslin w/stands.
12 – Furniture pads.
Still photography gear
Nikon D3, Nikon F5, Stereo Realist 3D, Holga 120.
Nikon lenses: Stabilized 70 – 300mm F4.5/5.6, 20 – 35mm F2.8, 50mm F1.8, Lensbaby 3G. Nikon Flash: Two SB-900’s, SB-800, SB-26, Wireless Speedlight Commander SU-800.
Four Einstein 640 studio strobes w/three Vagabond power packs, wireless controllers, adapters to fit all light boxes listed above, 22” High Output beauty dish, 64” parabolic umbrella, Westcott 7’ Octobank, assorted light modifiers, 9’ seamless paper in Thunder Grey & Super White.

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